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For printable versions of the lymphoma protocols please click here
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  Fertility:   Sperm storage referral form;    Medical practitioner's statement form
L.2 MDT Operational policy - June 2017

L.5 Lymphoma MDT Annual Report - June 2016
L.6 - Work programme - 2016-2017

Supportive care

Long-term follow-up

Patient information

for lymphomas (L.1)
Example letter to Dentist (H.83a) Lymphoma GP Notification and Checklist (LPR.116) Lymphoma MDT referral:
Proforma (H.75)
Instructions (H.75a)
Lymphoma Handbook for SpRs (L.96) CLL GP Notification and Checklist (LPR.116) Lymphoma Telemed Clinics Proforma (L.70)

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